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New books: The Healer of Shillong
  Hunangofiant D. Ben Rees
  Stori Capel Waengoleugoed
  Defosiwn Gŵyl y Pasg
  Jim Griffiths
  Dyddiau o Lawen Chwedl
  The Rotary Club of Liverpool (1913-2013)
  A Portrait of Battling Bessie
  Diptych - Cerddi / Poems

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  Di-Ben-Draw:  Hunangofiant D. Ben Rees


Modern Welsh Publications Ltd is a Liverpool based publishing house, specialising in the publication of Welsh language books and the history of the Welsh people in the Merseyside area, which are published in both the English and Welsh languages.  The Rev Dr D Ben Rees is a prolific writer and a number of his books, together with those of other authors can be purchased using the order form.

Booksellers interested in stocking any of these books should mail
Rev Dr D Ben Rees at the address below or email

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    Now view the books available to order.

    Second Hand Books.  To make room for further books, Dr Rees is selling a selection of second hand books.  For a description of the books together with the asking price, please Click Here.

    Rev Dr D. Ben Rees

    - is an adopted Liverpudlian, who has served the city
     in social, religious, political and academic life with
     a great deal of enthusiasm.


    32 Garth Drive
    L18 6HW